Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers (SDWR) provides hope, independence, peace of mind and improved quality of life to individuals and families through service dogs. 


About SDWR

SDWR places dogs with individuals who have diabetes, on the autism spectrum as well as individuals with seizure disorders.
A Service Dog can make a life changing impact on a persons life, partner with us as we change one life at a time!
For more information please visit: WWW.SDWR.ORG

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SDWR Performance Guarantee

SDWR believes in providing fair opportunities to those who trust in our mission and invest in our service dogs and follow the training program. In the case that your service dog does not fulfill his or her capabilities after completing the SDWR training program, we offer a performance guarantee.

We do ask that if your service dog is not living up to his or her performance standards, you follow training requirements are being met to ensure your service dog’s maximum performance. If the dog does not perform, and we can not make it perform, we will provide a replacement after evaluations through our organization. No risk. It’s simple.

SDWR Lifetime Health Guarantee

Each service dog has a Lifetime Guarantee against inherited or genetic defects. In the case that your service dog does carry a health defect, you can consider replacing your service dog in accordance to SDWR’s Lifetime Health Guarantee.

DISCLIAMER: This is only a summary of our guarantee. Contact us to learn more about SDWR’s complete Lifetime Health Guarantee. Our guarantee is contingent on completion of the SDWR training program. 


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