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Emy (Makayla) and Luke's family are so appreciative of you taking the time to read our heartfelt plea for immediate support by DONATING to their Campaign "Raising Hope For Emy & Luke....There's A Diabetic Alert Dog".  A Diabetic Alert Dog by SDWR will abundantly make a difference in their daily lives. As Emy and Luke's Mimi (on behalf of the entire family), we are asking for your expeditious help. Trying to find the right words to convey the trauma these brave and precious children have had to go through especially Emy is beyond comprehension. Emy is 4 years old and Luke is 2 years old.....both diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes Insulin Dependent and Grand Daughter also has a Blood Clot Disorder.  For Emy this has caused numerous hospitalizations, blood transfusion and multiple iron transfusions. 

Grand Daughter Emy was diagnosed at 16 months of age and Luke at 2 years old.  He will be 3 in July and Emy will be 5 in October.  There have been three horrific incidents of Emy having severe low blood sugars causing her to DKA (Diabetic Ketoacidosis a life threatening condition that develops when the cells in the body are unable to get the sugar (glucose) they need for energy because there is not enough insulin.... the sugar stays in the blood) and we have almost lost her. This fear is never ending and to have two children under the age of 5 with this diagnosis is overwhelming to say the least.

My daughter Brittany is the main care giver due to her husband Dave being the main bread winner for the family, a responsibility not taken lightly, that is for LIFE 24/7 managing and monitoring her precious babies. Our family has been greatly impacted by their disease....the isolation that it causes combined with an enormous fear is daunting.  Knowing that they would have a Diabetic Alert Dog armed to assist in notification of low and high blood sugars would be an answer to prayer. There is a vast lack of awareness of this invisible disease especially in children under the age of 5 and what it requires of the ones inflicted with the disease and their families.  A Diabetic Alert Dog by SDWR would be an asset embracing them with a sense of security if there is a unexpected drop or peak (which happens daily) a Diabetic Alert Dog is there to catch it before it's too late.  My daughter tests the children a minimum of every three hours (for two children that's a min. of 482 pricks per month not including daily Insulin Injections) 24/7 throughout the day and night EVERY DAY. Type 1 Diabetes is a life/death disease which has to be monitored.  We are hoping we have pulled on your heartstrings to take the step and make a DONATION that will greatly impact Emy and Luke’s precious and innocent lives.  

There are COUNTLESS ways this Diabetic Alert dog by SDWR will assist Emy and Luke in their daily lives....to be my daughters right hand, a partner that will notice and Alert her and the children when there is a low or high blood sugar level, offering a new sense of protection and safety, being a loving companion providing emotional support in a world not yet open to the daily distinctions of what makes them different, to alleviate fear, lessen isolation, building a community...being a part of a bigger family committed to advocating awareness of this disease, finding a cure, research and development and by having the dog present in every aspect of the children’s daily life will open communication and save others.

Please take a moment and DONATE....a Tax Deductible Donation with SDWR a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization will provide you with a receipt.  SDWR has also partnered with over 300-400 Corporations that will match their employees (retired as well on some) donations.  See if your company is on their list!!!

Much Love ,

LaurieAnn (Mimi), Emy and Luke's Entire Family



About The SDWR Cause:


Until There’s A Cure...There’s A Dog is the SDWR motto.  With hundred of lives changed and over  decade of dedicated work, SDWR is a leader service dog organization. We believe that through our uniquely trained service dogs, the lives of those with invisible disabilities can be improved. At SDWR, our service dogs include Diabetic Alert Dogs, Autism Service Dogs, Seizure Response Dogs, and PTSD Service Dogs. Each type of service dog is hand raised by SDWR staff and volunteers to mold it into a life-saving tool for each of our families in need. We promote a high level of interaction between the dog, the recipient family and our training staff to create an environment of success.  Unlike other service dog programs, SDWR takes

the next step in providing a solid base between a service dog and the recipient.


Your donation goes to the placement and growth of more life-saving service dogs.

SDWR is a fully incorporated 501(c)3 non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible Our program gives those with an invisible illness a chance at their own service dog. As a non-profit, we offset the costs of investing in an assistant dog. We believe no one should have to pay for a service dog. Through fundraising opportunities and our donors, we work to make service dogs for the disabled  a reality. Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers  helps families find local resources to help offset the costs associated with the training of a service dog. All donations go to the placement of service dogs and the needs of our mission.


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