Top 5 Reasons Samantha Needs a Diabetes Alert Dog (D.A.D) and Needs Your Help!

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Hello, my name is Samantha. I am 8 years old and was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes on November 1, 2010.  It has been four years now living with diabetes and it is hard.  I did not ask for diabetes, I do not want diabetes and I do not know how I got diabetes.  But I do know I have to take care of my diabetes every minute of every day – all the time!  I could use some help!  That’s reason #1 I need a D.A.D.!  Diabetes Alert Dogs are trained to detect highs and lows in your blood sugar 15-20 minutes before it even happens!  Also, they are trained to alert someone to help you, to get your meter, your juice and even to call 911!  Isn’t that awesome?

I always ask my mom why I got diabetes.  She says God decided I was strong and special and that maybe someday I will make a difference in the world for everyone with diabetes.  I try to stay positive and do the right thing but it is hard.  I have had over 7500 finger sticks and over 1000 insulin shots.  I am on a pump now but it still means a hard stick every three days and that really hurts too.  Sometimes I get tired of checking my blood sugar and doing the right thing.  That’s Reason #2 why I need a D.A.D., to be there to remind me to do the right thing.  He will always alert me for highs and lows and really could save my life!

I do know I can do anything!  I just got selected to the gymnastics team, I am on swim team in the summer, I do really well at school, and I am a Brownie and a graceful ballerina.  I even danced with the Moscow Russian Ballet in the Nutcracker at Christmastime!  Do you know I have to check my blood sugar even more often because of all the fun stuff I do?  That’s Reason #3 I need a D.A.D.!  Mom won’t always have to be reminding me.  My dog’s gentle paw and I will work together!

Even with all I do to stay active and busy and healthy, sometimes I feel lonely.  I don’t see other kids having to do what I do.  That’s Reason #4 I need a D.A.D.!  I get excited just thinking about what a great companion my dog will be!  It won’t be so bad, if my dog is by my side.  I will feel more independent knowing my dog is looking after me too.

Taking care of diabetes is an all day, all night difficult job.  Between Mommy and me, we are my pancreas.  It’s really weird to have to be your own organ!  My Mom spends a lot of time taking care of me and loses a lot of sleep at night.  She gets up at least once every night to check my blood sugar.  If it’s high, she will give me insulin.  If it’s low she will give me juice.  I usually don’t even wake up!  I can drink 4 ounces of anything in my sleep!  But Mommy stays awake and then checks again to make sure my numbers are right.  That’s reason #5 I need a D.A.D.!  A Diabetes Alert Dog will help Mommy too!

I know my pancreas is out of insulin and I know there are a lot of smart scientists and researchers working on a CURE.   But, UNTIL THERE’S A CURE, THERE’S A DOG – thanks to Service Dogs by Warren Retriever –

Thank you for considering a donation towards my campaign.  I am really hoping that I can get my dog this year!  The thought of a D.A.D under my Christmas tree gives me all the energy I need to fundraise!

The money I raise goes towards the cost of the dog, the trainers, the delivery of the dog and continued training at my house.  Donations are tax deductible.  Please consider donating today!  Every little bit helps!

 I feel so happy inside when I think about getting my dog!

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart,



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