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Autism Service Dog

"Until the puzzle is solved . . . There's a dog."

We ask you to join us in the mission to provide those on the Autism Spectrum a chance at newfound hope through service dogs.

We hope to raise awareness, education and advocacy for the autism community and the SDWR Autism Service Dog Program. Our organization relies heavily on donations and support from volunteers, like you.

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How You Can Help

We ask you to join us in the mission to provide those on the  Autism spectrum and/or Aspergers a chance at newfound hope through a service dog. Our Autism Service Dogs provide support for families and their loved one's who are on the autism spectrum. With hundreds of lives touched by our Autism Service Dogs, there is no question that our service dogs work to make a difference. Autism Service Dogs can help add structure to day-to-day life. This ultimately enhances the overall well-being for the entire family. Our Autism Service Dogs act as a safety net, a guardian, and a friend when there is no one else to provide the support every family and their loved one with Autism needs. SDWR’s customized training program ensures that every individual or family with an Autism Service Dog finds the independence and safety they are looking for.


Consider Making A Small Gift

Are you interested in making a donation to our Autism Program?

Your donations will go towards helping SDWR continue its mission to help those on the autism spectrum. It costs SDWR nearly $50,000 to train a Service Dog from start to finish.  This includes travel to the families multiple times over a 12-18 month period, trainers salaries, veterinary cost, food, kennel cost, service dog vest, toys, treats, leashes, collars, etc. 

Thank you for your consideration in donating towards our Autism Service Dog program!




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Please consider making a donation to give the gift of hope to so many families and individuals around the United States. Thank you for being a part of the movement.

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