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   SDWR is a 501 (c)(3) and works with a variety of clients worldwide to help better manage their invisible disabilities with a medical service dog.


SDWR provides a customized training program to an individual that is seeking to bring a service dog into their life. SDWR service dogs are trained to detect when a diabetic or medically compromised individual is entering into an unsafe zone and are trained to alert the individual or other individuals with a noticeable alert such as a paw. This training process is a joint effort with the trainers from SDWR and the handler of the service dog. It takes a level of dedication and consistent positive reinforcement to get the results desired.  Medical alert dogs can provide independence, peace of mind, and improved quality of life. SDWR believes the dogs are among one of the very important tools to support individuals with invisible disabilities such as diabetes, autism, seizure disorders, and PTSD.

SDWR provides focused training and screening for the dogs prior to home placement. Following the initial training program, the dogs are matched in a home based on their behavior and personality, the family culture and environment, individual medical needs and alert methods. The program includes an initial three to five day family-focused in-home training session, program-based weekly training, daily education and additional visits by the trainer, in order to provide ongoing trainer support for families who have taken a medical alert dog in to their home for life-saving monitoring and support. We offer each of our clients a Lifetime Training Guarantee. This means that if your service dog experiences a loss of training or is unable to perform, both the client and dog are welcomed back to SDWR’s facilities for retraining.

To ensure successful outcomes, individuals and families working with a medical alert dog must adhere to the training program and protocols outlined by SWDR’s expert trainers. Consistency and positive reinforcement are critical to positive dog-individual bonding and support. Trainers are available for support by email, phone, or even Skype if necessary to answer questions. The trainers when initiated by the client provide proactive, weekly check-ins and monitoring.


SDWR works with families to help reach their pledge commitment to the organization in many ways, including helping set up fundraisers. Fundraising and community programs are hosted to help spread awareness and grow the lifesaving programs, thereby reaching more families and providing increased access to our services. As a nonprofit, SDWR has the ability to offer clients the option to fundraise their pledge commitment over a period from time.  SDWR has launched several programs to offer assistance to anyone in need of service dog. All donations are dedicated to supporting the organization’s mission.


SDWR's mission is to provide education and raise awareness about the role of service dogs and the different types of assistance they provide to persons with invisible disabilities such as Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes, Seizure Disorders, Hypoglycemic Unawareness and some spectrum disorders such as Aspergers or Autism. It is important to know that individuals, whose lives might be improved or even saved by having a service dog, may have a disability that is not visible. Individuals, who struggle with invisible disabilities often will benefit from having a canine companion in their lives to enhance quality of life, provide hope, independence and peace of mind.

Your donation is greatly appreciated to keep this mission alive!