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Hello my name is Jennifer.I am the one in the middle of everyone in the group picture! I was diagnosed as a  Diabetic about 4 years a go. I was in the Er. and they were running tests on me. We had been there for several hours. The Dr. came in and asked me if I had ever been diagnosed as a Diabetic. She said my sugar level was over 300 and it was probably about 600 when I had come in. I felt this awful sinking feeling . I had to change every thing, My diet and exercise. I just felt like there was nothing I could do any more and slipped into a terrible depression.

I am Now on several meds. I take them for Diabetes,PCOS stands for ( Polly cystic ovarian syndrome), high cholesterol, high blood pressure, depression, low iron, low B-12, acid re-flux, allergies... I feel like my bathroom has become a drug store. haha!

 I came across " Diabetic Alert Dogs by Warren Retrievers " on facebook and thought I would look into it. My Husband worries constantly about me. I wake up most days just sick and I can not hold my food down.So I decided to bring this to him and he thought it would be a great idea. I knew we could not do it on our own but with help this would be something that would give us both peace of mind. I have had Cellulitious twice now and it damaged the lymph vessels in my leg called "Lymphedema". so it constantly swells.

 Being able to have a Diabetic Alert Dog (DAD) would be a blessing for us. They can detect sugar spikes before they are to high and before a meter can detect it. This Nana wants to be around long enough to watch her grand kids grow up. It's a long journey but with a Diabetic Alert dog from Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers. Life will be a bit easier. We could never make this possable without your help. It's a lot of money to raise and not easy to do. Please consider helping us. There is no cure ... but there is a dog!  Thanks in advance for all your help and thanks to Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers for all you do.

( Update )

This journey has not been an easy one.. and trying to keep my hopes up is not so easy. I know I am not a child. But that doesnt make me at any less risk of death then anyone else. All I do know is that this wont be possable without help! I am on my own here for the most part. there is NO cure for Diabeties, even with diet and excersize.. 

Maggies delivery is on hold at the moment.  Please help us bring Maggie home. we need your help ! 

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